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Understanding Exit Devices

Most buildings all over the world are inspected yearly to ensure that they comply with the set standards in terms of safety and more. After thorough inspection, fire department provides you with a full report to help you make the necessary corrections if any. However, such inspections vary from one state to the other and therefore it is essential to understand the fire codes of your state before you commence your construction. Note that codes remind you of the things that should be met and the kind of exit devices, fire-alarm system, and fire sprinkler system to be installed.
Before you install the above systems, it is prudent to involve a specialist who understands how to install the needed systems properly.

Exit Devices

They are also known as panic device, push bar or panic bar. These devices are used for unlocking the door during emergency situations. Today, each and every building should comply with the building codes, which make sure that every public building has at least one exit device. Fortunately, crash bar can be installed in a wide range of door types as a way to save lives in the event of fire, stampedes, terrorism attack and more. It has been found that panic can occur in situations of fire or explosions making the rescue process a bit tricky, but with exit devices, evacuations will be far much easy.

A door designated for exit does not have a handle on the outside. This feature makes sure that your home is secure. However, some doors meant for exit have been fitted with handles on the outside and inside as well. Such doors can be opened freely from either side allowing occupants to enter or exit the building with a lot of easy.

Factors to Consider when Installing Panic Devices

Ease of Installation

Commercial locksmith3Always choose the panic bars that are easy to install, repair and inexpensive to replace. For instance, a crossbar rim device the easiest to assemble. If you do not like crossbar, you may consider using push pad rim device, which is also the simplest to work with and needs no or little maintenance. Pad rim devices are suitable for buildings with high-traffic.


When installing an exit device, you should bear in mind the safety of your loved ones. A good panic device should comply with ANSI Grade 1 standards. In other words, devices should be designed in such a way that they can tolerate forced entry.

Available Options

Panic devices come in a wide range of options. As a result, you should choose the option that suits your safety needs. Many people prefer using cross bar devices due to the fact they offer incredible architectural finishing as well as available in a variety of colors.

Applications of Exit Devices

In general, panic bars are commonly used in care centers, learning institutions, retail stores, hospitals offices and more. These devices play a role in ensuring that the work place is secure and safe.


The common types include: multi-point, rim, cable, touchpad, recessed, crossbar and mortise exit devices respectively. All these types comply with building codes while enhancing the safety of your property. In addition, they match different door types since they come in different shapes and colors.

Fire Codes

Fire CodesFire safety codes complement the building code. Generally, fire codes play an important role in preventing fires and make sure that the original plan of a structure is not compromised at all. These codes vary from state to state.
To comply with life safety codes, you should install exit devices in particular cases. These codes forbid the use of locks that may confuse or compromise the safety of the user. To enhance safety, fire devices should be self-latching in event of fire. Apart from being self-latching, fire doors should be able to close to prevent fire from spreading.
In most households, security, life safety and fire can be a day-to-day challenge. Some homeowners view security as a major concern and therefore end up securing their homes with unauthorized locks, which may pose risks to users in case of an emergency. It is advisable to go for an option that satisfies both concerns: life safety and security. Feel free to talk to fire inspector to help you through exit devices and their fire codes, so as to make an informed decision at the end of the day. This way, you will be able to make your home safe and secure for all.


Getting Your Commercial Property Doors Up To Code

If you have a commercial property then it is a must for you to make sure that the property doors are up to code. A lot of us do not care about this fact and many of us still do not know about the codes either. Hopefully, this article brought to you by Gilbert Locksmith Pros In Arizona will help you to get an idea about the importance of having your doors up to code.

Getting your commercial property doors up to code is a crucial task. Obviously, you will find all the information that you need in a book called ADA or Americans with Disabilities. This is a 279 page book which holds all the information that you need for getting your commercial property doors up to code. Unfortunately, most of us do not have time to read this book and that can easily cause trouble.

door inspectionThe government authority will soon start inspecting the doors of commercial properties and if you have a door that is not up to code, you will face troubles including big fines. The regulatory agencies including NFPA already declared that each commercial space will face a yearly inspection for doors, fire escape and for even stairs. The door codes will be considered pure laws and the authority is not ready to listen to your excuses if the laws are broken.

Getting your commercial property doors up to date is more important now than any time ever. If you don’t have up to code doors then you will be considered liable for injuries and deaths if they occur because of the safety issues of your place. The insurance providers will also take this into account if you don’t have up to date doors.

If you manage a hospital, school or similar buildings then you might face problems with accreditation board if door codes are not maintained. Everyone soon will have to show records that they meet life safety codes to receive benefits such as accreditation, grants, tax advantage and so on.

Now you already understood that getting your commercial property doors up to code is important but the question is, how will you be able to ensure that your doors are up to code? Fortunately, there are methods to do so and you should go for one of those methods immediately to keep your property safe.

door inspectionnnThere are seven compliances for doors in ADA. You will have to make sure that your commercial doors maintain all seven of the compliances mentioned in ADA. The first one of them is clear opening width which is a simple one to maintain. There are also compliances such as thresholds, hardware issue, closing speed, opening force, surface method and vision lights. All of the compliances are mentioned in the 404 section of ADA and you should at least read this section if you don’t want to read the whole big book.

If you want to fix the clearance problem then you can easily install new hinges to your door. Let’s use an example to understand the situation in an easier manner. Let’s say that your commercial home door is having a compliance issue with adjustability and flexibility. This is a problem and this problem will cause you lots of troubles if you don’t solve it within time. To solve this problem, you can either call a mechanic or install new hinges on your own. Simply go for surface hinges like SL57 which will allow your doors to open widely. These hinges will solve your door issue and that will solve the compliance issue.

You should not take the code issue as a liability. It is a responsibility and it is also not a tough task to complete. The good part is that if you manage and check your door codes once this year then you won’t have to redo this for at least five to ten years. Doors are easy to manage and they do not need regular attention to work. Even though doors do not need regular maintenance, it is always better to check them once in every month to make sure that you are not having any unexpected faults in your doors. Being careful is the only way to keep your commercial area safe from door related problems.


All You Need To Know About Panic Bars

panic bar side door viewA panic bar is a device installed in doors which aids in unlocking the door in case of an emergency. It is also referred as crash bars, exit device, panic device or a push bar. This device consist a spring-loaded metal bar fixed to the inside of an outward-opening doors horizontally. The device has a lever that when it is under pressure the door unlatches allowing people to evacuate a building as fast as possible. Panic doors are part of safety regulations in any building in fact it is a legal requirement especially in buildings were there are many occupants.

We teamed with the push bar professionals over at to create this comprehensive article on panic bar devices.

There is some history behind the invention of panic bars. The Victoria hall disaster in Sunderland, England in the year 1883 where 180children lost their lives because the door could not open from the inside. This lead to the enforcement of minimum safety standards of a building by the British government. The requirement was that there must be a minimum number of doors opening outward and those could be easily opened from the inside, installed in all venues. It is sad that these requirement were not globally implement which lead to a tragedy in 1903, Iroquois theater fire in Chicago where many people lost their lives. This tragedy would have been prevented if only the iron gates would have opened from the inside.

Ever since, most countries have adopted building regulations that require a minimum number of emergence exists in any public building. This bars have been proven to save lives during building evacuations by preventing incidences of human stampedes. Panic bars fast-acting operation mechanism is efficient in allowing people to go through emergency exits without any speed reduction, this reduces the incidence of people suddenly clogging at the exits. The human traffic at the exits lead to stampedes because the people behind are not aware that the crowd in from have come across a door thus causing injuries. Panic bars are installed on doors required for emergence exists. This doors could be found in hazardous areas or where there are many occupants using that door.

Panic bars are safety measures in any building this is because they allow exits in case of an emergency regardless of the type of lock system. Some of these doors have an emergency alarm built in, in some the alarms sounds once the door is open when in other cases once the alarm sounds the door will open automatically. These are common in the fire doors. The best brands of panic bars should have the following features;

OSHA-logoOSHA requirements; the department Of Labor and Occupational-Safety and Healthy Administration requires a business premise to be equipped with emergency exits with panic-bars. All the panic doors must met all their requirements and most of all it should open from the inside with out the use of a key. Ensure that the hardware is accredited and certified by the American National Standards-Institute, this works as an insurance that the panic door have met all the requirements. Most certified companies are proud to let you know by displaying it in their packaging.

• Security system; it is good to know which security features come with the door. The doors security features should be ready to install and can work with which ever security system you have. Basically there are two types, where in one the alarm sound triggers the door to automatically open while in the other one the alarm sounds when the door is opened. It is advisable to choose one that works best for you and ask a professional to do the installation.

• The type of bars that is available; generally they are available in two styles, long bars or smaller lever-styled-handles. The handles are mostly used on the exterior but so far the bars are more popular. Make sure you get the correct measurements so as to know the size you want because panic bars come in different lengths and sizes.

• Ease of installation; can the door be self-installed or do you require a professional to do it? For those does that you do not want to connect to a security system you can install the bars yourself but if you want to tie the door with an alarm you will need a professional.

Lastly, all the doors should be clearly labeled as emergence exits to avoid false alarms.


Exit Device 101: Narrow Stile

Narrow stile exit devices play a very important in modern properties. They are designed for use in narrow stile applications that include glass doors and aluminum frames. They come with a varying specifications depending on the manufacturer and the needs of a buyer. Currently, these devices are being used in various places such as public buildings, stores and resort hotels among other applications where narrow stile glass doors and aluminum framing are used. With many brands and models available in the current market, choosing the right device for you can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, this can be easy when you know what to consider to make the right choice.

When you go shopping for your narrow stile exit devices, consider durability of the device that you are going to purchase. The best devices should be manufactured in a way that ensures that they deliver maximum performance while lasting longer. They should be manufactured using quality materials and superior technology so that they can meet the needs of the buyer in a special way. Therefore, consider devices that have been tested by consumers before buying. In most cases, consumers write reviews about the products they buy. The best device should have positive reviews from buyers. Therefore, read reviews that consumers have written after buying different brands and models of exit devices before choosing the one to purchase.

You should also consider the design of the exit device that you purchase. A good device should have a compact configuration and attractive look. It should be designed in a way that ensures it deliver both aesthetic and functional value. In addition, it should fit in your application without complications. Whether you want to use it on aluminum or glass doors for schools, industrial plants, health care facilities and public institutions, it should fit without giving you complications. Nevertheless, make sure that the narrow stile exit devices that you buy are coated with the right materials to protect them from outdoor corrosion. Fird rated bars must also be factored in your purchasing decision if you have an exit device on an interior door. Consult with a local locksmith company to find out more.


Installing, Repairing, and Replacing Exit Devices and Panic Bars with an Alarm

Door exit devices with alarm are designed and installed in commercial and other institutions to ensure safe exit during an emergency. They are designed in a way that ensures easy and quick motion. They usually have an loud siren or a monitoring device or even a combination of the two. They come with either a bar or a push paddle. Lock systems from many companies offer crash bar or push paddle hardware fitted with an alarm that sounds when the door is opened.

New Exit Device Installation

Currently, there are many door exit devices with alarm that can be installed in your residential or commercial property. A good locksmith will guide you on the specifications of the best device or hardware to use on your door. Therefore, look for a locksmith who is interested in ensuring safety of your property so that they can install the right device on your doors. They should also help in saving lives in the event of fire outbreak in a property. Basically, the best device should restrict access while at the same time providing egress. They have been used for many years in different applications. Modern devices have greatly evolved to include rail style that uses a mounted push pad.

There are three major door exit device hardware styles. These are the mortise lock, vertical rod and the rim. Majority of these devices can be installed on aluminum, hollow metal and wooden doors. They also come with different manufacturing elements depending on the company. It is important that you learn about different brands and models of these devices so that you can choose the right one for your doors. This can be a challenging task, contact East Valley Lock and Key a locksmith who you can trust to help with the planning and setup of your new hardware. Let us know what you looking for and we can guide you through the process. This way, you will get door exit devices with alarm that suit the needs of your property and guarantee it meets the proper fire codes and regulations in the Greater Phoenix Metro. We service the following cities Ahwatukee, Anthem, Apache Junction, Avondale, Black Canyon City, Buckeye, Cave Creek, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Glendale, Gold Canyon, Goodyear, Higley, Laveen, Litchfield Park, Maricopa, Mesa, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, San Tan Valley, Sun City, Sun City West, Sun Lakes, Surprise, Tempe, Tolleson, Wickenburg.

Common Exit Device Brands

  • Arrow
  • Cal Royal
  • Falcon
  • Corbin Ruswin
  • Detex
  • ANSI
  • Adams Rite
  • Jackson
  • Detex
  • Dorma
  • Monarch
  • Sargent
  • First Choice

Exit Device and Panic Bar Repair

Old exit devices that have not been properly maintained can have alarm problems, battery wiring separation, circuit board malfunctions or the alarm has stopped working completely. East Valley Lock and Key has a range of services to repair these issues, generally same day service is also available.

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Types of Exit Devices we Service:

Push paddles, Touch Bars, Crash Bars, Delayed Egress, Automatic Door Closers, Rim Style Exit Devices, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rod, Concealed Vertical Rod, Mid Panel, UL Fire Rated for Interior Doors, and Narrow Stile for Glass Doors.

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Exit Device 101: Rim Style

Security has always been an issue for people entering a building or any kind of establishment. Even though buildings are generally safe, there are times that your safety as well as the property’s safety can be put into danger. Fortunately, exit devices are now made available to protect you when entering unsecured public buildings.

An exit device (crash/panic bars) is basically a hardware intended for door use, mainly to lock the door from the outside. Fundamentally, people inside the building can alternately exit without having to unlock the door.

The mechanism behind exit device is that you can free yourself from the building without having to use your hands. This device could be activated by applying strong body force, thus the term crash bar. Exit devices are beneficial for business and commercial building to ensure the safety and security of the employees while inside the building premises.

Rim Style Exit Devices

  • Rim style is one of the three styles available for exit devices. Panic bars that come in rim style are those that are secured on the inside exterior of the door.
  • When using a rim device, a single latch point can be observed. Using this kind of latch point, all the components are applied on a surface, thus making the application as well as the installation easier and more convenient.

Choosing Rim Style Exit Devices

  • Among the different styles available for exit devices, rim style is the most ideal for small businesses that are mostly crowded by people such as convenient stores, malls and strip malls.
  • Rim style devices are budget-friendly. Moreover, this style complies with general building codes, particularly the ANSI specifications.
  • When choosing this device, choose a product that is designed to withstand high impact abuse. Ensuring heavy commercial application guarantees that the device is durable enough for commercial or public buildings. Furthermore, choose exit devices that are designed to comply with the latest installation regulations of protective devices for commercial and public establishments.