Ways to Keep your Commercial Property Secure

It is very painful to experience a greater loss of your commercial property. Despite the pain, most commercial property owners are negligent of security of their property. Many think that having a CCTV camera and a security guard is enough, but that is not true. Commercial property security goes far beyond that. You need a complete security system for your property and make use of all the necessary details to ascertain their property is fully covered. This article presents ways one can implement to keep their commercial property secure with thanks to lakeoswegolocksmith.net.

Security guards

security guardsAnother security feature that is very necessary. Security personnel may be insignificant to some people, but they play a very important security role. Nature, location, and type of property will determine the number of security personnel to hire. Security personnel will protect both your property and your employees.

Insurance cover

If there is something never to be ignored on your property is an insurance cover. Covering your property with an insurance cover a wise idea and gives one confident over their property. There are different insurance packages that can completely secure your property. You require a general liability cover, workers compensation cover – for your employees and commercial property cover. It is not a great deal covering your property comprehensively as compared to losing it all at once and no compensation.

Security system

business security systemThe type of security system one takes to keep their property safe should be tailored to meet certain needs. However, the property type will also dictate the security system to be installed. Besides, it is essential to have fire alarms, burglar alarms and video surveillance on your property. These devices will work to alert you in the case of fire or any other abnormality. Other security apparatus that will enhance your commercial property security include; DVRs/NVRs, surveillance monitoring equipment, and security cameras.

Well laid security policies

You must write down all the security policies applicable to your property. Regardless of the size and type of property, you have to document these policies and measures well so that everyone can review them at ease. They should also be easily understandable. Make sure persons working on your property and external clients/customers understand these security policies. This will prevent misinterpretation of the how and why your property should be secured.

Data protection

Data is very sensitive and need to be well covered and protected. Commercial property is accompanied with very sensitive data that need to be handled properly. Regardless of whether the data is hand-written or in electronic form, it should not be ignored. Every data in paper form should be stored in a fireproof safe. You also need to have a comprehensive network security and ensure that all your data is backed up to a remote storage away from the property premises.

Putting up a Secure non-obstructive perimeter fence

security fencingPutting up a large fence around your property is quite significant. However, a large fence can be visually unattractive and create a disturbing environment to customers. Your fencing should both offer maximum security to your property, and it should make it eye-appealing too. The fence should be able to keep intruders away and at the same time allow good visibility of your premises.

Lighting system

It is essential to provide maximum visibility of your property more so at night. You might wonder how will light provide security to your property but if you have a good lighting system, you will be able to monitor your property at ease. Outside lights and power sources need to be covered with vandal-proof covers. All the entry points into your property premises need to be well lit including gates, windows, and doors.

Installing an Electronic access system

Equipping your property with standard locks is a good security measure but installing electronic access system gives you maximum property protection. This will ensure your property is secure even when an intruder tampers with the external security systems like doors and windows.

Safety culture and responsibility among employees

Employees man every property. The best form of security is the one earned by winning the trust of your employees. Even if you get the best system that have the most advanced technology in the world and fail to coordinate your employees who manage your property, you will have security issues. The best thing to do is to create a culture of safety and responsibility and make sure employees understand its significance. Their coordination and ability to take security responsibility of your property will ease your work.

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